Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well it has been over a year since I blogged and my life has been very hectic just like everyone elses, but today I offically take a step into the next stage of my life.  I have had a water pipe bust and my house flooded, found our my brother had throat cancer (he has gone through chemo and radation) and seems to be in remission for which we are thankful as many prayers have gone up for him and they have been greatly appreicated.  I have stepped down from some of my leadership roles at church so that I can spend more time with my mother. Have got a facebook page and found alot of new bloggers that I am enjoying reading.

As of today I start working part-time, it is in a trial period to see if it works for both me and my employer.  I am really praying that it works because it will enable me to keep my mother in her own home for awhile longer.  We live approximately 4 blocks appart which allows us both to have a little independence but for me to still be there for her. 

Anyway I am not sure where I will be going with this blog as time goes forward but I hope to be posted more and sharing things I am doing and that God is doing in my life.

May you all have a blessed Easter and remember why we celebrate this season.

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