Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I think I am back

With Facebook I got away from blogging plus alot has happen since I last posted 6 years ago.  I was on retreat this weekend and my pastor asked If we knew we wouldn't fail what would we do tomorrow and I didn't have an answer.  This morning as I was doing my quite time it came to me maybe it was time to start this blog again and use it to share reflection on my walk with him.  This would be my walk and while I would love to have others comments on what he is doing in my life I want people to be respective of the fact this is what he is telling me and I may not be in the same place in my walk with him as  you are in yours.  I will also be respective of your feelings and thoughts.  I guess I kinda want it to be my extentsion of BSF where we have discussion about things God has revealed to  each other with out aruging about it.  What you get out of scripture maybe different from what he is telling me; doesn't mean it is wrong just that he is revealing different things in our lives. 

Since right now noone knows about this blog I don't expect any comments on this post and it might be a while before anyone even realizes it is here.  We will just have to see where God leads me on this path.

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